Thursday, February 22, 2007

How Palace defend corners

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Anonymous said...

I love this website. I wish Eagle Eye was still going, it is a ton more witty than anything else out there.

Be nice if the best bits made it into the echo

Seems that just now is the perfect time to ressurect the EE - you could hardly say we're still here through gloryhunting, or just here for the glamour - this is good old warts and all Palace, 2nd tier, raise our hopes one week, lose the next, just how I love it!

Keep up the great site

Dorking Eagle

Tony Matthews said...

Thanks, Dorking. The problem was one of time, which is why a blog seemed to be ideal for us – it's the lazy man's way of doing a fanzine. It means we can post rubbish up as and when we think of it (which might give us a little more immediacy than we used to have).

With everything else going on we just couldn't afford the time and effort of producing a fully fledged fanzine (not to mention that at least one of us, i.e. me, got a bit grumpy having to stand in the rain selling it rather than sitting in a nice warm pub before games).

Where it goes from here depends. I'm hoping it will take on a life of its own and that contributions will be forthcoming, I'm going to rattle a few cages for submissions, obviously there's room for comments as well, which might alllow to go off at tangents.

There's plenty of other sites out there doing a better job of covering matches, reports, scores and news than we can. The way I see this is to just have fun, and continue to develop that sense of culture and community that surrounds Palace. I feel it is special and something that few clubs have and we should enjoy it.

Tony Matthews said...

Just on the Palace Echo front, obviously Neil the Eagle was always close to the EE team in any case and generally speaking if there are good ideas worth developing for the Echo he will be offered them.

The 'statues' cartoon for example was offered, but wasn't needed for space reasons so rather it gets a run out here.

I don't know what will happen to PE after Neil moves on to other projects, but hopefully we'll enjoy a good relationship with whoever takes it on. We're all on the same side after all.