Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Boredom and negativity

It has been a calendar month since I last posted anything on this blog and there has been one single reason for the lack of comment… I just couldn't be bothered.

Last week standing in the Glaziers bar, I met a friend who was going to his last game of the season – he will be on holiday by the time we play Derby. His assessment: 'Thank God it's over'. And that is it pretty much in a nutshell. This is a season that has been wasted on the field while, off it, there has been an increasing sense of distance between Palace supporters and the club.

In no uncertain terms, it is a recipe for disaster. Crystal Palace Football Club needs to get its act together in every sense or the already vast acres of empty seats will grow.

I don't know how many people are reading this blog, I suspect not many given the lack of responses to the articles posted so far. I need to address that first and foremost and we then need to find a way in which we can at first energise the supporters or at least some of them and perhaps think of ways that we can pressure the club into making desperately needed improvements. That's a tall order, a few things have been tried that have got us nowhere.

At the moment a mood of total negativity surrounds this football club, somehow we have to put a stop to it.


Strathclyde Eagle said...

Hey, some of us are reading. The rss feed/My Yahoo combination's pretty handy for updates that way.

Tony Matthews said...

Thanks, that's encouraging to know. Sorry the last post was a bit doom and gloom, I keep trying to tell myself that things can always turn around and probably quite quickly but such has been the lack of inspiration this season that it's difficult to imagine how we're going to progress.

Another friend observed that he wouldn't be bothered if any or all of the players left. There was a time when Palace fans would consider it a disaster to lose certain members of the squad, with this lot it would just be 'okay, thanks, bye'.

Trist said...

I'm reading too!

Keep up the good work by the way :) Excellent work time reading...

Strathclyde Eagle said...

Rss feed address, should anyone want it is:

Easy enough to add to rss readers, Google personalised home, and (if you're persistent) My Yahoo.

Tony Matthews said...

It's apalling I know, but I don't have the faintest idea how RSS works, even though I do the site.

It's about all I can manage to get pictures and text up. Still as long as someone can see it, then that's great. Thanks

Sussex Eagle said...

Hullo...I'm reading, and it's grand Tony. The blog thing has passed me by so far so I ain't too sure what to say to one of these mysterious creatures. Funny shit though!

Tony Matthews said...

I don't know how I came to end up doing one... I don't really consider it a blog as it's kind of not following the online diary route, it's more of a bone idle man's website, I'm just slinging stuff up as it comes to me and the best bit is that the whole thing is just here and there's minimal design effort, hosting or any of that stuff.

I'm hoping it will take on a life of its own and contributions would be welcome as that's probably the key thing that's missing at the moment. Eagle Eye, the paper fanzine, had all sorts of different voices and ideas, whereas this has been mostly me crawling towards some kind of thing... dunno what exactly.

It doesn't feel quite right to me, yet. I'm hoping it will just kind of grow into something.

It's a real shame that Neil's not doing the Echo anymore (although I understand why) I'm not sure this can really fill the gap but it's open for those who feel they have something perhaps a little more off the wall to say about Palace.

Dorking .Eagle said...

I'm reading too, although I must admit my apathy means I'm not exactly checking the blog for new stuff every day.

My apathy or feeling about te club is that we're heading towards similar position the club was in in 1985 (Pre Ian Wright) when theclub was just plodding along and had no sparkle, no oomph, no star player, no match winner, no reason to make you want to go to Selhurst every home game.

Just a load of journeymen, a club only interested in taking your money, but giving the fans no closeness to the club, no connection, and no feeling that we are an inegral part of it.

Sorry if tat's a bit negative, but the last time we were on this spiral was under Francis and then onto Kember, but at least Jordan did something about it then and injected change(Dowie) - this time I think he's just going to stick with dull, hell and crappiness.

Dorking .eagle said...

And another thing - we have actually had a few funny things to look back on at this season, yet I don't think many will remember a single one of them in a year or two...

what about the visiting WBA fans who alleged that Palace turnstile operators were taking cash (£20 notes instead of the £30 tickets they should have been taking), then quickly withdrew the allegation when the club looked into it??

What about Jordan selling DVD's of his star turn at the "Ground ownership" press conference - did anyone actually buy a copy of his smug performance?

Or even just the fact that he did such a dreadful ITV series - I'm sure there won't be second run of it!

On the Jordan theme again, what about the "Orange night"?? Just bizzarre!

Or the more successful alcohol soaked "Fedora day", which the club did as much as it could to pretend wasn't happening.

Or the half time bath challenge - surreal and no other club does it - only at Palace!

After a season without a proper Derby match to look forward to, without a decent victory to look back on, and most inmportantly without a single standout player on show, in a bland division where 14 defeats gets you into the top 6, these are the things we'll forget I'm sure.

Only at Palace!

Tony Matthews said...

I can't wait for the end of season video... it's going to be well worth £29.99.