Monday, January 29, 2007

Dullest Season since records began

This really has got to be the dullest season ever. No real highs and no really, really low points. Mildly competent at times and just mid table. That's not much good when you've been used to the usual roller coaster that is supporting Palace. Alright so losing at home to Colchester was a disgrace, but they were better than us on that day and it seemed almost predictable that we would lose to them anyway.

Why so dull? In my opinion a combination of many things. A very unsettled team hasn't helped, but no-one has yet played better than expected, may be apart from Mark Hudson. The established players have played at times badly or just below what we know they are capable of e.g. Michael Hughes, Clinton Morrison etc. etc. New signings have been underwhelming. For me though the most worrying aspect is that not one player currently seems to have any potential to be better than what they already are or what we know them to be. No new rising talents from the reserves or youth team. The likes of Borrowdale, Watson etc. we know they are unlikely to get any better and as for Lawrence, Fletcher and Kennedy it's all a bit too late in their careers. I'm really disappointed that Peter Taylor hasn't used his under 21 network to find a few more rising stars that would bring a bit of excitment back to Selhurst.

For me it explains the complete indifference to the FA Cup game and the less than happy reaction at the end of the Preston game. At least you had some inkling before the game as to what you were going to get. Having bought a season ticket I had no idea what to expect this season, but having bought the bloody thing...

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