Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Veg Field

Rumours abound that Palace might move to the Selhurst allotments near the railway line. Sounds like there could be rich pickings there for a club looking to grow, especially if we have a fine crop of youngsters, but then our Academy always was a fertile breeding ground for unearthing home grown talent. Bit worried about having to fork out for season tickets though.

A great idea would be to have the opening game against ManUre, or maybe against the 'Weed (it wouldn't be the first time they've soiled themselves on a visit to the Palace).

Palace team for the first game at 'The Veg Field'?

1. Fraser Dig-by
2. Danny Butternut
3. Paul Bush
4. Tomas Brolin (well he's a Swede isn't he)
5. Gary Marrowdale
6. Ben Watson (the Camberwell carrot)
7. Stuart Greenhouse
8. Wayne Sproutledge
9. Trevor Aylottment
10. Stan Collyflower
11. Phil Rhubarber

Manager Alan Mulberry


Laurie Dahl said...

Did you think those ones up while digging Tone?
Who'd have thought it from Eagle Eye to Allotment holders?

Tony Matthews said...

I know, remarkable stuff. Again, it's the time that I fiind a problem. We went on holiday iin the drought and when we got back all the runner beans were like crisps.

I find digging the allotment is a good place to think about Palace. You can mull things over and the mind tends to wander.