Sunday, January 28, 2007

Midlife Crisis – the Palace version

By Steve Crisp

Why did we give up doing Eagle Eye as a mag? The final editorial said something about not wanting to be 30-something fanzine writers. Well, here we all are now as nearly all 40-something blog writers. So how about a mid-life crisis top ten?

1. Depression, charactised by low moods and apparently unaccountable feelings of sadness and lethargy and a tendency to look fondly back at the past while thinking there’s no future… hang on, that’s just watching Palace generally isn’t it?
2. Paul If ill-advised affair
3. New Darren Wardrobe
4. Awareness of your own mortality while waiting for CPFC to wn the FA Cup
5. Itzak tight Zara jeans
6. TestosserRon Noades
7. Paul Barren bank account
8. Jim membership at Cannons
9. Terry Long hair
10. Eric Younger woman

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