Saturday, January 27, 2007

A Palace technology chart

Oh dear, having gone boldly marching off into the cyberfuture, it seems like my creaking old Apple Mac OS9.something with Internet Explorer 5.1 is going to seriously struggle to handle anything beyond the odd clumsy post. I'll have to rely on others to change the colours to red and blue and do the interesting things like add pictures. Anyway it inspired a quick Palace technology chart just to have another post up here. So now there's two things on the blog for you to read. Gosh, this is exciting...

1. Bodcast – where you can download Paul Bodin to your PC or listen on your iBod before replacing it with a cooler version two weeks later.
2. iAntunes – specialises in Brazilian samba rhythms, but play it twice and it becomes unusable
3. Ronline – people who use the internet to spout the thoughts of Chairman Ron
4. Mammary Stick – what Peter Taylor, Jim Cannon et al got from their good ladies after the Fiona Richmond incident
5. Orange – erm, something to do with mobile phones
6. Broadband – what we should have on our away kit, preferably diagonally in red and blue
7. Tommy Blackberry – looks very stylish to begin with, until you see what else is out there
8. EricctheNinjasson
9. Kenny Samsung
10. Micscowcroft Windows 2000 XP thingummyjig – not the best on the market by a long chalk, but reliable and you have to have one

...and Motorola... or Len Chatterton's Flatterer as we used to call it... motor roller (geddit?) Oh, please yourselves

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